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悍客鎮是微縮達人鄭鴻展 HankCheng設立之微縮商品製作販售之品牌



2019.01.12 新增海外購買指南    點此前往

*可配送區域為“亞太地區、美洲、歐洲”,其他地區敬請點選 "聯絡我們" 或來信詢問。

Welcome to HankTown Diorama 's Official Website!

Here 's a brand made from Hank Cheng.

We offer a variety of Diorama/Miniature related model objects and tools.

Let us  promote world's Diorama/Miniature art together!

2019.01.12 Add overseas purchase guide  Click here

*The delivery area are "Asia Pacific, America, Europe", if it is in other areas, please click "Contact Us", or write to us firstly.