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垃圾場景組 / The Wastes Scene

NT$ 2,200.00



2018年四月一日愚人節的那天,Hank Cheng在臉書PO的玩笑貼圖引起廣大的回響。


微縮模型沒有想像中的那麼困難,透過這項產品的製作和Hank Cheng不藏私的說明書教學,就算是初學者也可以變成微縮達人。

 商品規格 / Specification
尺寸 / Size完成尺寸/ complete size W28xD20xH16cm
外盒尺寸/ Box size W29.4xD21.2xH7.6cm
重量 / Weight0.93kg
適用電壓(封口機)/Voltage(Sealer)100 - 240 V
材質 / Material塑膠製品、密底板、紙類製品、豪卡板、白膠水、壓克力顏料、金屬工具等 / Plastic、MDF、Paper、Plate、Glue、Acrylic pigment、Metal tools etc.
產地 / Place of originTaiwan
適用年齡 / Suitable age14歲以上 / Over 14 years old
內容物 / Content1.模型底座 / Base board
2.迷你封口機 / Tiny sealer
3.物件製作說明書 / Instruction manual for Item kit
4.場景製作說明書 / Instruction manual for Street stage kit
5.材料包 A-H / Material package A-H


As the accessory package contains materials such as stone paint, paint, etc., the customs in some areas will detain such materials and require the payment of taxes. Please confirm the relevant local customs clearance regulations.

注意警告 / Warning 

  • 本產品不適於14歲以下兒童使用 / Not suitable for children under 14 years old.
  • 照片為組裝塗裝參考非完成品 / The picture is for assembly coating reference, not finished product
  • 本產品需自行上色 / This product needs to be colored by yourself.
  • 請依說明書指示製作 / Please follow the instructions.
  • 內含小物件成品套件請勿吞食 / Small item included, Do not swallow.
  • 內含功能性尖銳物及工具,必須在成年人監護下使用 / Functional sharps and tools included, Must be used under adult supervision.